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A decade-long tradition of restoring dials of all types and sizes to their original splendour. Precise and impeccable craftsmanship in dial
regeneration and attention to detail have enabled us to breathe new life into time-measuring jewellery.
In addition to professional dial regeneration, we also create quality customisations on request to achieve a truly unique and inimitable watch.

A history of passion and creativity

Since its foundation at the end of the 1940s by Enrico Coledan with the help of his wife, Coledan has always had a vocation as a craftsman’s workshop. In the 1960s and 1970s, coinciding with the economic boom, it reached its peak with around 20 employees.

Il fondatore della Coledan con la moglie negli anni '70
Coledan’s founder with his wife in the 1970s

Since 2003, the year of the founder’s death, the company has been run by Paola Romanenghi and Franco Pagani, who have been with the company since the early 1980s and have inherited his administrative, commercial and working skills.

In 2019, Coledan evolves with a futuristic vision and the incorporation of Franco’s son, Alessandro Pagani, a goldsmith, and the entrusting of the management of the company to the Pagani family. This turnaround, combined with a strong relationship of interaction and collaboration with the entire team of workers, guarantees the continuity of the quality and excellence standards that have distinguished us since our foundation.

Moreover, thanks to new ideas and innovative resources, we maintain the characteristic craftsmanship and precision. Values that have always been recognised and appreciated by Italian and international customers.

We are also dedicated to the development of new potentials, especially in the field of customisation and the creation of dials destined to become true one-offs.

Our current premises in Motta Visconti (MI) house the administrative, commercial and production structures to guarantee the best management from idea to order and subsequent regeneration or customisation of dials.


The tradition and long experience of our company are undoubtedly due to the constant search for quality. We also owe a great deal to our design and production team who, over the years, have followed every stage of production with care and meticulousness, breathing new life into dials of all shapes and sizes.

The know-how handed down from the founder to new generations has made it possible to pass on all the secrets and fundamental knowledge in the field of dial regeneration and restoration.


Our company vision has always supported the passion and competence of collectors and, at the same time, the desire of many enthusiasts to preserve the value, not only economic but also affective, of the watch in its peculiar originality.

Over the years, the careful and professional capacity of the production team has been complemented by constant research into materials and technical solutions to maintain the quality of the regenerated product over time, using substances and working cycles in full compliance with current regulations.

Attention to environmental and ecological sustainability has also always been a key issue, so we have taken the advice of a company specialising in this field.


Our Mission is to look to the future while maintaining a strong link with tradition and the continuous search for excellence and quality, in order to offer a punctual service recognised in Italy and abroad by professionals and enthusiasts. We also aim to maintain the current level of employment by consolidating and training the staff team to meet the challenges of the future.

The quality of our dial regenerations and creative customisation for new designs are a pride of our company and place us on a different level in the watchmaking market from low-cost production.

Coledan is, and will continue to be for many years to come, the go-to company for anyone who wants a quality restoration or customisation for their watch.

Daylight Night light

The quest for quality in every detail

Our daylight and night light dial tests allow us to control every detail of the regeneration process to ensure excellent results.


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